University of Michigan's Pro account will expire on 6 Jun 2020

Buying an institutional license is a cost-effective way of bringing the power of Trip to your organisation.  Trip can be useful in many different ways, for instance:

Pricing is based on size and type of institution.  While not ideal it acts as a starting point for negotiations and if you feel you’re disadvantaged by this method then please contact us to discuss further.  NOTE: figures are in US Dollars and is the annual cost.

Academic Institution

Hospitals/health centres

Government, other public sector organisations and charities



Institutions from resource poor settings. For institutions based in the two lowest World Bank income classification (Low-income economies and Lower-middle-income economies) Trip is free while those classed as Upper-middle-income economies generous discounts are available.  For further details click here.


Trip currently supports a number of methods including IP authentication.  We are considering OpenAthens so if this is an absolute requirement then please let us know.

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Tens of thousands of systematic reviews
Largest collection of clinical guidelines
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Answer engine – instant answers
Large collection of grey literature
Easy to use search refinement tool
Easy selection of RCTs
Hundreds of thousands of systematic reviews
Over 175,000 ongoing clinical trials
Massive database of medical images
Tens of thousands of clinical videos
Link to over a million full-text articles
Export links to reference management software
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Filter results by clinical area
Article views, see which articles are most popular
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