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Asked 19 Jan 2020 Aiyappa Biddanda Nanjappa, Doctor/physician - secondary care, UK

How has a patient with two pituitary apoplexies been managed ?

I have come across a lady with a pituitary adenoma who developed a bleed into her pituitary after diagnosis. This is called an apoplexy which was managed conservatively. She then got pregnant and following 30 weeks of gestation developed a further bleed in her pituitary. She was managed conservatively. I am looking to find out 1. Aetiopathology of Pituitary apoplexies 2. Multiple apoplexies in the same pituitary and its management 3. Pregnancy and Pituitary apoplexy management Case studies and case reports, case series anything. I am guessing Neurosurgery will have more of these cases reported. THanks, Aiyappa
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